The Zihrena Gallery


A virtual gallery of Mexican art and cultural influence.

This gallery of Mexican art and cultural influence has had presence on-line since 1999 and features a number of artists from Mexico as well as as other parts of the world whose works reflect a special relationship with Mexico and its colorful and expressive culture.

Footbridge 1999

Zihuatanejo Footbridge 1999, by Peter Schworer

Featured in the gallery are Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro, landscape artist; Katalina Guerrero, expressionist in textiles and mixed media; the colorful watercolors and acrylics of Graciela, the typical Mexican street scenes and people of Salvador Gonzalez; and Lauri Copeman’s Emotional Realism.

We also honor the memories and fine works of Peter Schworer, accomplished surf and beach artist; Kirsti Alopaeus, expressive and vibrant depicter of the spirit of women and the tropics; and Arq. Arturo Macias, master sculptor of exquisite life-size carvings of prominent Goddesses of pre-hispanic civilizations of Mexico and influential women in Mexico’s more recent history,  and promoter of the folklore and art of Michoacan, Mexico, gathered in a private collection titled Templo Maya.

We hope you enjoy wandering through these pages and spaces (the gallery has no physical location), and we welcome any feedback and comments.

Mexican art: Landscapes of Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro

The landscapes of Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro

Mexican art: Templo Maya and the sculptures of Arturo Macias

Templo Maya and the Women and Goddesses of Mexico by Arturo Macias

Mexican cultural influence: Kirsti Alopaeus

The vibrant women of Kirsti Alopaeus

Art book and magazines

La Danza Azteca: Aztec dance today

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