The Zihrena Gallery


A virtual gallery of Mexican art and cultural influence.

This gallery of Mexican art and cultural influence has had presence on-line since 1999 and features a number of artists from Mexico as well as as other parts of the world whose works reflect a special relationship with Mexico and its colorful and expressive culture.

Footbridge 1999

Zihuatanejo Footbridge 1999, by Peter Schworer

Featured in the gallery are Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro, landscape artist; Katalina Guerrero, expressionist in textiles and mixed media; the colorful watercolors and acrylics of Graciela, the typical Mexican street scenes and people of Salvador Gonzalez; and Lauri Copeman‘s Emotional Realism.

We also honor the memories and fine works of Peter Schworer, accomplished surf and beach artist; Kirsti Alopaeus, expressive and vibrant depicter of the spirit of women and the tropics; and Arq. Arturo Macias, master sculptor of exquisite life-size carvings of prominent Goddesses of pre-hispanic civilizations of Mexico and influential women of Mexico‘s more recent history,  and promoter of the folklore and art of Michoacan, Mexico, gathered in a private collection titled Templo Maya.

We hope you enjoy wandering through these pages and spaces (the gallery has no physical location), and we welcome any feedback and comments.

La Danza Azteca: Aztec dance today

Gallery News and Updates

Mexican art: Landscapes of Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro

The landscapes of Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro

Mexican art: Templo Maya and the sculptures of Arturo Macias

Templo Maya and the Women and Goddesses of Mexico by Arturo Macias

Mexican cultural influence: Kirsti Alopaeus

The vibrant women of Kirsti Alopaeus


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