Mar 292016

Katalina Guerrero was one of the 33 featured contributing artists in the group exhibition “No Toxic Factor” at Central Booking in New York, March 24-27, 2016.

No Toxic Factor

No Toxic Factor group showing at Central Booking, New York.

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No Toxic Factor

This was a re-encounter of the artists who attended the summer 2011 artists’ residency at the School of Visual Arts. As the event page describes:

No Toxic Factor explores the creative and energetic potentiality born of the masses… [It] seeks to examine the mass hysteria that can arise amongst highly energized, closely situated individuals.

This exhibition points to the ambiguity of mass hysteria, suggesting that the line between laughter and psychosis, joy and mania, the rational and the senseless, are innately blurred. Recognizing the destructive forces that lie dormant within all groups, we instead choose to celebrate creativity, community and collaboration.