Artist Portfolios


Featured artists from Mexico and foreign artists influenced by Mexico and the Mexican culture.

  • Kirsti Alopaeus
    • Tropical Art.  Exotic women and color from Mexico, Cuba, and other tropical areas of the world 
  • Lauri Copeman
    • Emotional Realism. The influence of Mexico on a Canadian artist
  • Katalina Guerrero
    • Textures in Textiles. Vibrantly alive textiles and other mediums.
  • M. Angel Guerrero Garro 
    • Landscapes and Still Life.  The works of a gifted Mexican artist in oils
  • Graciela
    • Zihuatanejo Artist.  Acrylics and watercolors of nature and Zihuatanejo
  • Peter Schworer
    • Surfer and lover of the waves.  Surf and beach art from the Pacific Coast of Mexico
  • Salvador Gonzalez
    •  The spirit of Mexican life in watercolors, oils and pastels
Katalina Guerrero: Textile Art Kirsti Alopaeus: Tropical Visions M. Angel Guerrero Garro: Mexican Landscapes
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