Paintings by Guerrero Garro


Galleries of landscapes of Mexico, Canada, and Spain by Mexican artist M. Angel Guerrero Garro.

These art collections have been organized by general subject: 2008 Series; Cliffs and Mountains; Fields and Horizons; Sea and Sky; Snowscapes; Still Life Paintings; Streams, Rivers and Rocks; Trees and Forests; and Early and Miscellaneous Works.

2008 Series

The artist\'s aim of working with textures in this series of landscapes is to add another dimension so that the spectator gains a richer visual experience when viewing the paintings.

Cliffs and Mountains

Rugged cliffs, crags, scarps, canyons, hillsides and mountain landscapes by Mexican landscape artist, Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro.

Fields and Horizons

Fields and the dramatic, expansive horizons of the Mexican countryside

Sea and Sky

Plays of slight and reflections on sky and water. Oceans, seascapes and the skies of both Mexico and Canada, painted by Mexican landscape artist, Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro.


Snowscapes and winter landscapes painted by the artist, Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro, while in Canada.

Still LIfe

The Still Life paintings of Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro, featuring vegetables (onions, tomatoes, chiles, garlic etc.) and tropical and other fruits (mandarins, mameys, watermelon, pitahaya etc.)

Streams Rivers Rocks

Paintings of streams, rivers, other natural waterways and rocks, by Mexican landscape artist Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro.

Trees and Forests

Paintings of trees, forests, jungles, and groves by Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro.

Early and Misc

Early works, paintings of Spain and miscellaneous subjects by M. Angel Guerrero Garro


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