Katalina Guerrero


Katalina Guerrero comes from a family with a strong artistic tradition, and has been immersed in a creative environment from a very young age. Both her father, Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro and her grandfather Jesus Guerrero Galvan (1910-1973), are important figures in the Mexican School of Painting.

Katalina spent time both in Canada and Mexico while growing up, and was exposed to a vast array of cultural influences. Her background is a blend of Mexican, Spanish, Canadian and Eastern European heritage, and throughout her life she has explored her roots with great interest.

The indigenous art of Mexico has had a definite influence in her way of viewing the world, and inspired her to explore other ethnic traditions around the world. She has traveled extensively throughout Eastern and Western Europe, West Africa, South America, North America and Mexico with first hand exposure to the cultural traditions of these regions. The symbiotic relation between her travels and her art are reflected in her work as a rich collage of expressions. To this day she continues to divide her time between Canada and Mexico.

  • 2007 Capilano College Textile Arts
  • 2009 Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts

 ” Creating fabric collages allows me to piece together my experiences and recollections in a very unique way. The versatility of this medium embraces the fusion of different surface design techniques, creating a visual dialogue between ancient and modern textile practices. I am deeply influenced by many ethnic and textile traditions from around the globe, and find that these traditions offer a very valuable insight into the communities where they originate. ” I find that with new each piece, I rediscover the world and reinvent myself. ” Ultimately, I aim to express my wonder at being alive in this world and share these expressions with others.”

Visit her website: KatalinaGuerrero.com

Dundunba-Katalina Guerrero  Madre Tierra  Madre Africana


-March 2016, CENTRAL BOOKING, “No Toxic Factor”, New York, N.Y.

-June 2011, SVA (School of Visual Arts) Open Studio Show, New York, N.Y.

-May 2007, CITYSCAPE COMMUNITY ART SPACE, “Textile Arts Grad Show” North Vancouver, B.C.

-November 2005, CENTRO CULTURAL MORELENSE “160 Artistas en Morelos” Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

-April 2005, ALBERCA ARTES AC “Reflejos del arte Africano en Mexico” Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

-June 2000, CENTRO MORELENSE DE LAS ARTES “Hay un deseo no muy claro pero fuerte” Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

-May 1999, ROUNDHOUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE “Speaking from our Art” Vancouver, B.C.



-November 2006 RECONOCIMIENTO PINTORES DE MORELOS Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

-May 1999 3rd PRIZE 2D WORK ON PAPER “Speaking from our Art” ROUNDHOUSE Vancouver, B.C.

-June 1998 DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD BRONZE New Westminster, B.C.

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