Lauri Copeman


Lauri Copeman, born in Victoria, B.C., Canada, has spent years traveling regularly to Mexico. It was this country that inspired her to begin painting again for the first time since her childhood.

Lauri is a self-taught artist, preferring the rigors of trial and error and the freedom of figuring things out on her own to the straitjacket of ideas borrowed from and often imposed by others during the learning process.

Much of Lauri´s work is done in oil on canvas and acrylics, though she has worked in other media such as sculpture and pastel chalk sketches. She has exhibited in Canadian art shows and most of her works are to be found in private collections. The majority of Lauri´s painting is now done on a commission basis.

Lauri Copeman, apart from executing the artwork shown here in The Zihrena Gallery, is also a writer, currently working on a screenplay and a novel.

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– Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists:

– Artist in Residence at the Kelowna Rotary Center for the Arts, Studio 113:

– Member of Livessence Figurative Society, Kelowna, B.C.

Artist´s Statement

Emotional Realism

Lauri Copeman

Lauri Copeman

Over twenty-five years of painting my work has evolved into a style I call Emotional Realism. I paint portraits of people, places and things that mirror inner reality rather than outer. We are not a product of our environment. Our environment is a product of us — our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Every painting reflects through color, texture, and light the strange dream that each subject carries as their personal truth. So, instead of hinging my vision to a static technique, I have needed to alter my style according to subject.I have spent a considerable amount of time in Mexico — a place Dali called “one of the only true surrealist countries.” My presence there sparked a series of dreams so powerful I had no choice but to paint them. Mexico altered my perspective of people and the context in which we find ourselves at any given moment. It has made me see that truth is personal, kaleidoscopic and quicksilver.

Since 1983 I have sold over 100 paintings. They hang in personal collections throughout Canada, Mexico, and the United States. I have shown very little over the years due to the constant sale of my work, either by commission or off the easel. However, I was part of several group shows in Mexico and Vancouver, Canada I am currently painting almost exclusively toward a solo exhibition.


A book by Lauri Copeman: The Magic Steps: The 12 Steps that Unite Logic and Creativity for Total Healing

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