Salvador Gonzalez


Salvador Gonzalez: The spirit of Mexican life in watercolors, oils and pastels

Salvador Gonzalez was born in Puebla, Mexico on May 5th, 1924.

After graduating from High School, his love for art led him to study painting at the Academy of “Bellas Artes” in Puebla, and the Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City.

He has used watercolor, oil, and pastel color techniques in his artwork. Additionally, he possesses great talent as a photographer, and photography became his profession early in life. He opened his first studio in 1950 and is one of the “pioneers” of photography in his hometown and in Mexico. His business, “Salvador Fotografias”, today is a network of 7 stores.

Salvador Gonzalez has shown his art work during the past years in several art exhibitions, including shows at “Barrio del Artista” (Art Town), the Stanza Bella Gallery, The Herald of Puebla, Cultural Center, the Spanish Center, etc. He has received many awards from the Mexican Professional Photography Association, “The Salvador Gonzalez Year” from the Professional Photographers in Puebla, Mexico; and an award to the “475 Distinguished People from Puebla” from the local government.

Now 86 years old, he is still active and energetic and continues working in his photographic business.

All of the above paintings are original watercolors on paper. Average size is 18 x 25 in. Prices vary from $700 and $900 USD (subject to change without notice)

April 2011


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