Goddesses and Women of Mexico


The Works of Arq. Arturo Macias A.

Mexican sculptor and architect Arturo Macias has created a series of life-sized, exquisitely carved wood statues depicting many of the principal goddesses as well as the most important women figures in the history of Mexico.

These splendid works of art are now housed, along with many other artistic works that move the spirit, in their home at Templo Maya, the private collection of Tania Scales.

Introduction to the Exhibition of TEMPLO MAYA
presented by Tania Scales

For many centuries Zihuatanejo was an important matriarchal center in Mexico. In celebration of matriarchs, Templo Maya is proud to present this exhibition of some of the prominent women and goddesses of Mexico. These pieces, which are but a portion of a work in progress, are intricately carved, life-sized figures sculpted in wood by the talented and renowned artist Arq. Arturo Macias. Through his work we experience the intriguing power of significant Mayan and Aztec goddesses and witness the spirit of noteworthy Mexican women brought to life, each in her own right as artist, poetess, revolutionary and philanthropist.

Step into the Virtual Gallery for a preview of the magic of this growing collection that we hope to share with you in person when you visit these sensitive and provocative sculptures.

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The name of Zihuatanejo is derived from the Nahuatl “Cihuatlan” – Land of the Women

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