Landscape/Bodyscape: Artist Reception at Bistro Gallery

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Jun 202016

Landscape/Bodyscape: The art of Katalina Guerrero J. and Miguel Angel Guerrero G.

Artist reception on Friday, July 15, 2016 from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm with showing of artwork by artists Katalina Guerrero J. and Miguel Angel Guerrero G. Guitarist John Gilliat will provide a selection of world beat fusion of Rumba Flamenco and Latin Jazz. The artwork will be on display at Gallery Bistro from July 6 through July 31, 2016.

Location: Gallery Bistro, 2411 Clarke Street, Port Moody, B.C., Canada

Katalina Guerrero: Encarnacion IX. Gallery Bistro art showing

Gallery Bistro
2411 Clarke Street, Port Moody, B.C., Canada
(604) 937-0998

This is an opportunity to see the artwork of two generations with a strong artistic background exhibited in a intimate setting.

Miguel Angel paints primarily on canvas but on this occasion includes a rare collection of prints and drawings. His artwork captures the essence and lighting of realistic landscapes.

Katalina’s use of textile techniques such as embroidery and appliqué invoke deep associations with the body. Her artistic endeavours explore themes closely related to the nature of physical identity and our connection to the natural world.

The Gallery Bistro is located in the old section of Port Moody – in a funky heritage area of town – and is known for great music and scrumptious food as well as some fine artistic endeavours.

Miguel Angel Guerrero Garro, Mexican artist at Gallery Bistro

No Toxic Factor Art Exposition

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Mar 292016

Katalina Guerrero was one of the 33 featured contributing artists in the group exhibition “No Toxic Factor” at Central Booking in New York, March 24-27, 2016.

No Toxic Factor

No Toxic Factor group showing at Central Booking, New York.

Facebook Event Page

No Toxic Factor

This was a re-encounter of the artists who attended the summer 2011 artists’ residency at the School of Visual Arts. As the event page describes:

No Toxic Factor explores the creative and energetic potentiality born of the masses… [It] seeks to examine the mass hysteria that can arise amongst highly energized, closely situated individuals.

This exhibition points to the ambiguity of mass hysteria, suggesting that the line between laughter and psychosis, joy and mania, the rational and the senseless, are innately blurred. Recognizing the destructive forces that lie dormant within all groups, we instead choose to celebrate creativity, community and collaboration.


Zihuatanejo Art Show February 5, 2015

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Jan 232015

Art show: Fantasías y Realidades | Fantasies and Realities

Local Zihuatanejo, Mexico, artists Tamara, Graciela, and Enzo are joining forces in a collective exhibit of their paintings in acrylics and oils on Thursday, February 5, 2015, at the Zihuatanejo archaeological museum, Museo Arqueológico de la Costa Grande, Paseo del Pescador, Colonia Centro, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico. Opening at 18:00 (6:00 p.m.).

Art Show Zihuatanejo